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Florence in Chess

Emma with Stig Rossen

Moll Flanders

Tom Jones




Emma as Mavis in Hot Stuff


Emma has received outstanding reviews in many productions. Here are just a few.


Chess : Nominated for Best Musical

"Emma Kershaw portrays the Hungarian-American with top marks.
‘I know him so Well’ is a delight. This is a Chess game where the queen wins."

BT Sunday

"The duet ‘I know him so well’ is given a thunder of applause, and the audience is guaranteed to jump out of the chairs to standing ovations when Emma Kershaw and Stig Rossen sing the reprise of ‘You and I’."

JP Arhus

"In the centre is Emma Kershaw who, with her sparkling voice and her magnificent good looks, is a Florence in the best West End style - what intensity."


"Emma Kershaw’s melodies were bathed in beauty."

Ekstra Bladet



Moll Flanders : Pick of the week - The Independent

"Emma Kershaw triumphs as Moll Flanders."

Blackmore Vale Magazine

"Moll Flanders, which won Best Regional Musical last year, has actually improved. This is in no small way thanks to the added depth and maturity which Emma Kershaw brings to the interpretation of Flanders, turning her into a flame-haired temptress who is decidedly all flesh and blood."

Yorkshire Post

"Emma Kershaw has taken over in the title role, and she duly rides her mount a different way, cracking her whip with even more desire to succeed in a man’s world."

Yorkshire Evening Press

"Kershaw’s Moll dazzles in a production that finds a modern funnybone in an 18th century tale."

The Stage

"Kershaw’s resourceful Moll can be as sweet as her violin or as hard as the coconut shells she plays to convey horses hooves; lovely yet unlovely."

Yorkshire Evening Press

"Emma Kershaw is a joy as Moll."

Salisbury Journal

Tom Jones : Nominated for Best Regional Musical

"Emma Kershaw, in a beautifully self-mocking performance, makes her entrance with a violin tucked under her chin, flourishing her bow like a magician’s wand."

Sunday Express

"Emma Kershaw and Jeremy Harrison bring Fielding’s lovers alive…..she is a fragrant Merle Oberon and he is a young Jimmy Stewart."

The Stage

"Delight comes from Emma Kershaw’s gorgeous Sophia."



Lock up your Daughters
"Emma Kershaw proves that she is not only a fine musician, but also has a powerful presence."

The Stage


West Side Story

"Emma Kershaw gives a powerful performance as Anita."

Oxford Mail

"Emma Kershaw, who sang strongly and beautifully, stood out as Anita."

Daily Information


Prisoner Cell Block H- the Musical
"If a prize were awarded for audience reaction, it would have to go to Emma Kershaw, who’s powerful voice does credit to ‘Gimme a Man’ and who receives tumultuous applause."

Musical Stages

"Emma Kershaw gives a wonderful rendition of her pastiche torch song."

Financial Times



"Emma Kershaw sings with confidence & provides some of the best & most honest moments of the show."

Bromley Observer

"Lizzie was played splendidly by Emma Kershaw."

The Stage



Hot Stuff
"The real hot stuff of Emma Kershaw."

Nottingham Evening Post

"Emma Kershaw… excellent."

Croydon Advertiser



Stone Free : Nominated for Best Regional Musical

"The star of the show was Emma Kershaw as Lola."

Bristol Evening Post